Students Volunteering for MLK Day

MLK Day of Service Projects for Students

Teen Leaders Volunteer to Help Homeless Children

Embrace the spirit of MKL Day of Service and give back at a time when the world needs you most, with volunteer projects like this. Student-leaders can organize a drive to collect supplies and create beautiful care packages for homeless children. Volunteer with your friends and have fun while making a difference in the lives of children in need.  This nonprofit provides critically needed items, including diapers, hygiene items, school supplies and uniforms, toys, and clothing to homeless and at-risk children.  Students who give their time to this cause contribute to the network of social service agencies.  Your contribution helps children in need, from infants to teens across North Texas.

Students Volunteer to Make Paracord Bracelets for Troops

Students can do something fun and meaningful while getting their school hours. Volunteer to make paracord bracelets to include in care packages. The unique bracelet you create will be both functional and expressive. Soldiers will see the handmade item made by students who want to show appreciation to American troops and first responders. This project is a great school or group activity for students to show thoughtfulness to those who put their lives on the lines daily for the entire country.

Young Volunteers Provide Rice by Gaming

Elementary through high school students can play fun and informative trivia games and earn volunteer hours for a great cause.  As you play, this nonprofit donates food to those in need. That’s right!  You can game to improve food security.  You literally get the best of both worlds. Students (and adults who are kids at heart!) play games to enhance their awareness of widespread hunger.  Struggling families receive donated food.

Teen Textbook and Literature Quality Assurance Volunteers

Listen to juvenile and popular fiction and provide feedback to narrators around fluency, tone, mispronunciations and audio quality; conduct quality assurance playing books back just like students will, and checking for anything that would result in a less-than-enjoyable listening experience.

Student Volunteers Color to Brighten Others’ Day

Students of almost any age can take the time to color a few cheerful drawings and send them to this wonderful organization. From there, the nonprofit will send your work-of-art to community members who need your kindness and support.  You will not only put a smile on someone else’s face. You will put a smile on your face too!!  Senior citizens, troops, and anyone who needs a smile receive students’ drawings. Gather a group of friends over zoom or family to help you help others smile.

Student Volunteers Lead a Supply Drive For Homeless

If you are a student looking to give back and build leadership skills, this volunteer opportunity is for you.  Collect various needed items to donate to community neighbors that are in need. It’s always a good time to clean out your closet. Donate clothes that you have barely worn or haven’t worn at all. Collect new items as well to donate.  Your clothes will have a second life and give individuals or families in need something to enjoy.

MLK Day of Service Project for Students – Plant Trees

Are you a student looking for an MLK Day of Service Project that helps the community year after year?  Volunteer to plant new trees at local apartments in Greenbriar, Atlanta. These trees will provide cleaner air, cool shade, and all-around improved habitat for humans and wildlife living in the community. Planting tasks include digging holes with shovels/mattocks, untangling roots with your hands, mulching, watering, and cleaning up your area.  Visit your tree every year, watch it grow, along with your thriving community.

Teen Volunteers Cheer Up Seniors on MLK Day

Teens support seniors in the community by making heartwarming phone calls to those who cannot see family and friends. Seniors are experiencing unprecedented isolation during COVID-19. Volunteers 16 and older will make introductory calls to pre-screen seniors for an organization that matches volunteers with isolated seniors for weekly conversations during the COVID-19 crisis.

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