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Benefits of Reading Tutoring

A Skill You Can Practice Through Volunteering

Question: What skill is necessary for success in nearly every field?

Answer: Reading quickly and efficiently.

Importance of Reading

Whether a student wants to become an engineer or an English professor, there’s going to be a lot of reading along the way. Students who struggle with reading benefit from reading tutoring to shore up weaknesses and build a strong foundation for academic success across a range of subject areas.

But reading tutoring has benefits that extend far beyond the classroom:

Readers are more empathetic.

Researchers at Kingston University found that people who read fiction tend to be kinder and more empathetic than those who do not. This makes sense: reading fiction requires imagining characters and situations, seeing things from alternative perspectives, and relating to imaginary people. All of these thought processes relate to empathy, the ability to share others’ feelings.

Reading reduces stress.

Just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds, better than any other stress-reduction method tested in a study by researchers at the University of Sussex. Their conclusion: “Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation.”

Reading can be practiced through volunteering.

Students can build not only fluency skills but confidence and self-esteem reading to others.  Middle and high school students can gain confidence as they volunteer to read to visually impaired community members or read to younger students at their school or library. 

Employers seek traits that come from reading.

According to annual surveys, more than 4 in 5 employers seek candidates with strong written communication skills. The second most widely-sought attribute was strong problem-solving skills. Would it surprise you to learn that both of these traits are associated with reading?

Research has shown that the more students read, the wider their vocabularies become. A richer vocabulary contributes to strong communication skills and helps students to become better writers. Moreover, frequent readers naturally absorb the conventions of writing and fluency with sentence structures and syntax, making them stronger writers than their less literary peers.

Other researchers have concluded that critical thinking and critical reading build off of one another: those who regularly engage in critical reading become better problem-solvers and more creative thinkers.

Does Your Child Need Reading Tutoring?

Nearly 1 in 3 fourth-grade students cannot read at even a basic level. Only 37% of high school seniors are considered proficient readers. Clearly, too many students are passing from grade to grade without building strong reading skills.

Because so many students struggle with reading, it can be difficult to tell whether your child needs reading tutoring. After all, many struggling readers still do perfectly fine in the classroom, so grades are not always the best indicator.

Your child might need reading tutoring if he/she

  •       avoids reading or insists on reading the same things over and over.
  •       struggles with sight words (words most readers recognize on sight without needing        to sound out or decode).
  •       guesses when asked about the content of a book/passage that he/she just read.
  •       relies on pictures, graphs, or headings to give clues to the meaning of text.
  •       struggles with spelling and vocabulary tests.

Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Reading tutoring gives students structured time to focus on building reading skills with individual attention from a skilled educator. A good reading tutor will help your student to master new sight words, decipher new vocabulary using context, and establish strategies to improve reading comprehension and analysis. Beyond building the basic skills of reading, reading tutoring benefits students by helping them gain confidence and become more motivated to read. Over time, these benefits snowball: the more confident a student gets, the more motivated he is to read, and the more he reads, the more confident he gets!

C2 Education’s reading tutors turn struggling or reluctant readers into bookworms by tailoring their approach to each individual student. They work with students to establish better reading habits, build stronger reading strategies, and expand their vocabularies, ultimately creating the reading foundation necessary for a lifetime of success. Contact your local center today to find out how a C2 reading tutor can help your child.

C2 Education offers K-12 tutoring programs; test prep for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP exams; and college counseling services.


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